Last year, I wanted an all white ‘black tie’ themed party for my 40th birthday. I had difficulty envisioning my male guests showing up in an all white suits so I decided it would be better for them to show up wearing a black or navy suit but their dates must to wear white. Boy, oh boy! My friends loved the idea but a few of them changed their minds a week later. The problem was they were having a hard time finding a cute, affordable and appropriate white formal clothes. But for some reason, I had no problem finding white dresses, jumpsuits, and separates online. My friends called and texted me almost every other day to whine about their heartache of not been able to finding a suitable outfit. They eventually tasked me with the responsibility of finding something white for them to wear. Very manipulative lots. LOL! To make them happy and not have to deal with disgruntled female guests, I ended up asking everyone to wear whatever color they like but to keep it formal. Moreover, I would not want anyone buying something they will never reuse and neither will I want pretty ladies showing up at the my event feeling uncomfortable and unhappy.

The party season has begun and you might have to attend a formal event whereby an all white outfit is required. Most people think gown at the mention of ‘black tie’ failing to realize that ‘black tie’ is actually letting the men know to wear nothing more than formal but the ladies should dress up looking nothing but stunning to complement the male guests.

How do you complement the male guests?

By showing up dressed in fabulous outfits that cannot be categorized as casual in any form.  Bottom line, you are not to show up looking like you are going to church, running an errand, attending a cookout or going to work. Bottomline, do not show up in a white shirt and jeans and think adding a Gucci belt will work. If you do not feel like wasting money on a floor length evening gown which you will probably never wear again, then opt for a ‘dressy’ cocktail dress or separates. Personally, I would go for cocktail options just because gowns sit in my closet unworn after the first wear. So I would rather wear a white fitted tee and a crêpe or wool mermaid maxi skirt with a statement necklace. Another look I mostly wear is the ‘dressy’ cocktail dress. A cocktail dress is something I can wear over and over and to other functions formal or not.

To point you in the right direction, here are a few pretty outfit options to consider.

It's Party Time


It's Party Time


It's Party Time
It's Party Time!


It's party time

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Sade Lewis