Are there any teenagers or youths who grew up in 1990 to 2000 without watching the Fox TV Drama Series with the most famous zip code – Beverly Hills 90210? If you did not know about this series you probably lived under the rock during the 90210 era. The drama series was built around the lives of a group of high school students living in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood in California, then later moving on to their college days from school days as they got older. It chronicled the relationships, rivalries and mating rituals of a clique of Southern Californians with telegenic charms.

Fox TV was smart to introduce the show when the other networks were busy tormenting us with reruns. Though I did not catch the show when it premiered on October 4, 1990, but I caught the bug in May 1993 at the sight of Jason Priestley whose character was Brandon Walsh.  He was the high school heart-throb in bleached denim and white T-shirts. Then there were those ah-mazing eyes and the quiff! Brandon was the all-American boy.

This was my show! My love for the show and a sweet memory of it being a part of my story as a youth were the fundamental elements in my decision to buy the T-shirt. The signatures were captivating. To me, the signatures is a deserved ‘thank you’ gesture for all the times I spent been a faithful fan.

My favorite characters were David Silver portrayed by Brian Austin Green and Steve Sanders portrayed by Ian Ziering. David was a nice, normal guy in that popular gang. My love for the character was probably because I could not get enough of his relationship with Donna Martin portrayed by Tori Spelling. Steve was cute, always scheming and had an amazing hair but there was something adorable about him. Or maybe my love for Steve stemmed from my habit of not following the crowd to love the same but chose differently.

For the show’s million female viewers, I thought their favorite characters would be either Brandon Walsh, the dreamy All American boy or Dylan McKay, the rebellious independently wealth surfer with a Porsche portrayed by Luke Perry. I was surprised to know they loved the girls more that the guys especially Brenda Walsh portrayed by Shannen Dorothy. How is that possible? She was melodramatic and I ain’t having none of that. LOL!

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