Have you noticed that some of the sleeveless dresses or tops made by affordable labels such as Wayf, Tildon or departmental stores in-house labels usually have their arm holes hanging lower than usual?  If you shop at Nordstrom you will understand what I am talking about. I too have some dresses with the same issue. Upon trying the dresses or tops on while shopping, I could see the defect or should I say the intentional cut of the arm holes but I have not been able to find myself leaving the store without buying the dresses or tops. Why is that? Two reasons. The first being that the dresses are cute though simple and secondly, I have always thought there is nothing a camisole or a tank top cannot fix as long as it has the perfect fit and color. If the camisole or tank top is not well fitted it can really look tacky. If the color is not appropriate your look could come off boring. For example pairing a black dress with a dark brown camisole when a white or black color would have been a better option. How about a pale pink dress with a flame (burnt orange) tank top?. I have tired these two colors and they do pair well and trendy too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having your tank top or camisole peak out of your dress a little.

Shein Polka Dot Backless Maxi Cami Dress

Camisole Fix for Low Arm Holes (35)

Free People Spring Love Midi Dress

Kimchi Blue Denim Ruffle Apron Midi Dress

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