Butter London is my new go to brand for lip gloss and nail polish. I can’t even remember how I came across the brand which probably occurred while reading one of my magazines but I am glad I made a decision to try their products.

A year ago, I developed an allergy on my lips. Till now I cannot even tell you what caused it. The expectation when you experience such a sudden change is to figure out what triggers the allergy. One thing I know for sure is that the problem began when I used my favorite Chanel lip gloss, the Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer in a Decadent. What a beautiful and sexy shade! I do not know if the reaction was due to the fact that the gloss might have been infected or if one of the ingredients just decided to be unkind to my lips. Apparently, it is a lip plumper which I did not know until that faithful day when my lips got visitors in form of microscopic rashes. Nothing harmful but very irritating for a lip gloss wearer such as myself.

As a lip gloss addict who used to walk around with about 6 or 7 glosses in her purse, still do, what eventually became my reality and a staple in my purse is a large tube of Aquaphor. Anything to get my baby butt lips back 😁 and rash free. This was my situation for a mighty long time until I met Butter London.

When my order from Butter London arrived, I did not notice the lip gloss I ordered was another plumper until my lips began to tingle after application although not immediately. I guess I need to pay more attention to reading about the products than finding a cute and perfect shade. I am not interested in plumping my lips and never will but for some reason unknown to me, I made the Chanel mistake again. I bought the Bodacious Plush Rush Lip Gloss. Yes, a lip plumper! I guess I will never learn.

The Bodacious Plush Rush Lip Gloss has a brilliant shine and a velvety feel. Not only is it a beautiful color, it feels really good, creamy and smooth on the lips. The best part of wearing this gloss is that it lasted for at least 8 hours. Yes! One wear without re-applying for a whole eight hours. Due to my allergic condition, I was expecting my lips to be on fire at some point but there was no fire. At the end of the day, while removing the gloss I found my microscopic rashes chilling on my lips but not as bad as it usually would get. It was a manageable allergic reaction for a gloss addict.

I really would recommend this gloss to anyone except to those who are already aware of their allergic conditions. By the way, I did not develop voluptuous lips as promised but if that is your goal you can give it a try. Voluptuous or not, this is a very good brand. While trying the lip stuff, check out the to-die-for nail polish. I promise you will not regret it.

Butter London is a fantastic brand.

Thanks for visiting!

Sade Lewis