I have not done a ‘Objects of Desire’ post in while. I have desired but just did not have the time to share with you guys. This month, I have found some cool stuff I will like to have such as the beautiful Stella McCartney earrings and something I really need for work like the Calvin Klein block pumps. Calvin Klein shoes have been so good to my feet. I could stand in them for 8 straight hours with little to no discomfort. I am trusting these pair will do the same. For less than $40, I do not believe I will complain a bit. I have needed a pair of glasses like forever. I have an eye exam appointment at Walmart next week Tuesday. To look geekily cute, a fancy frame such as the dramatic Gucci pair are needed. For color, the Chloé version is simply chic as well. The trench coat is definitely a fashion girl’s must have. I love how Smarteez made an old look new just with a touch. It combined classic with trend.

Featured Items

1. Shoe

2. Nail Polish

3. Earrings

4. Sash Belt

5. Coat

6. Frames (Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Chloé, Gucci)

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Sade Lewis