Looking for a perfume that ignites the senses, gets you the needed attention and does the 2nd most important thing which is to stay on for an extended period of time, talking about days or perhaps weeks, like a perfume  should? Then look no further! This limited-edition, mysterious leathery floral chypre fragrance by Bottega Veneta will take you on that ‘smell good, feel good’ journey.

Eau de Velours is Bottega Veneta’s newest luxury fragrance. It is a sophisticated and an intense floral smell built around velvety rose petals and iris butter that expresses blossoming femininity.

I wear nothing more than floral perfumes and with this fantastic piece coming from Bottega Veneta I knew I had to have it. Bottega Veneta is a brand that is totally committed to outstanding craftsmanship and the highest-quality material so I did not need any convincing that ‘Eau de Velours’ is a fine fragrance. It is a trusted brand for me.

Trust me, this smell will get you the right attention and get people saying, ‘Ummmh! it smells so good in here’ then turning to you and asking with curiosity, ‘What are you wearing?’.


For the holiday, this perfume is a perfect gift for that lady with a sophisticated flair.

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Eau de Velours Perfume

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