Although more than two items maybe used to transition a summer look into a fall outfit, the two main items that have helped me achieve this are thick turtlenecks and patterned stockings. Clothing items and accessories with some kind of detail or pattern is what catches my attention. For instance, the turtleneck worn in this look has a vent detail on the sleeves. This little detail allowed me to showcase my stacked bracelets when folded. I also paired this thick turtleneck with the dress because of its length and the cutout detail on the back. This will reduce exposure to the cold temperature by keeping the upper body warmer. My legs are my best feature and I love-making a statement with them which is why a patterned stocking is my to go item to keep my legs warm when I am not wearing pants.  My favorite are polka dots. I chose a stocking that is less elaborate (tiny dots pattern) because the shoes worn here is a tie ankle with a fringe detail I could tie into a bow which I would not want overwhelmed by the stocking’s pattern.

This is my look for thanksgiving day. I hope you are having a blast celebrating with your family. I will be spending mine with my beautiful and lovely friends.

I am so grateful to have you as a part of the So Modishly Chic network. I really appreciate the love and support.

Thank you!

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