Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Not even sure what other sales events are out there around this time. I have never participated in any sales event that exists after Thanksgiving day. I have heard of horrid stories about Black Friday so I stay in my house. Moreover, I cannot stand a store that looks disorganized and what is there to find on Black Friday other than a store that had been turned upside down by customers. I would hate to go and not be able to find that particular item that brought me out of my house in the first place.

Cyber Monday is not a bad idea. I can sit behind my desk and search away. Not sure if I will be buying much or at all. Nordstrom is having some amazing items on sale. Why don’t you head on over there?

Banana Republic had a 50% off sales yesterday so I took advantage of that and scooped up that Pom-Pom sweater I blogged about almost 2 weeks ago (here). I have had my eyes on the sweater and kept it in my cart for almost a month hoping the price will drop. I have learned to not buy anything from Banana Republic unless it is on sale. So yesterday, my jaw dropped when I realized the sweater was no longer available in my size.  I guess I was not the only one waiting around for a big drop in price.  Well thank goodness, the sweater became available in my size an hour later. I was not about to miss out on this sweater or I will be forced to buy this Tibi version here.

If you have a little money to spend, visit Banana Republic and Nordstrom for some great deals. Christmas is already around the corner so this sister is a bit broke at the moment to shop for herself. Too many people in my family. Shopping for four children and a few adopted ones ain’t no joke. LOL!

By the way, do not miss out on the Topshop bodysuit below. Topshop cut tees from quality fabrics. My best tees are from the brand despite its low price tag.

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Women's Topshop Sheer T-Shirt Bodysuit