Many of us-no matter the religion-love the festive spirit that December brings along with it as we approach the end of the year. To some of us, maybe most, December 25 is either Christmas or it is the time to wish each other “Happy Holidays”. In my household, we have a Grinch that stole Christmas a few years back. Thank you Mr. Grinch! LOL! Since I am one of those that had been bitten by the end of the year bug and now carry the virus that automatically makes you want to celebrate and gift someone special on December 25, I have decided that Christmas Day will no longer be Christmas but a ‘Thank You for Being a Part of This Family Day’. Lets be honest with ourselves for a moment! If it is really the birth of Jesus Christ, why are we gifting ourselves? We are not the birthday boy or girl so why? A bit confusing but makes sense though. But then it is the end of the year so why not celebrate one another and thank each other for being a part of your beautiful family. This is now my family tradition and I am loving it! Gifting one another is a symbol of love.

Here are a few ideas to guide you

Gifts She’ll Love


Perfect For Him


For the Cool Kids

For the Hostess


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