This perfect basic tee really represents the name of the brand Madewell because it is really well made! Alexa Chung, a British model and fashion icon made me a fan of Madewell. She has a distinctive personal style that made her a muse to many fashion designers. Her collaboration with Madewell made me to notice the brand. I thought if Alexa is involved then the products have to be good. The first Madewell item I tried was this gorgeous black dress here and I loved it.

I am a t-shirt lover. I pair t-shirts with basically everything from trousers to evening skirts. It is my favorite clothing item to wear. When I was getting ready to travel to Nigeria in September, I knew I wanted to dress casually because of the weather. I needed tees that were not tight but roomy enough to allow the flow of air. Then I found this perfect, lightweight whisper live-in-it-soft cotton T-shirt by Madewell at Nordstrom. It has details such as a v-neck, a breast pocket, a loose fit, a slightly shorter length and a tuck friendly side slits. The material is butter soft, of good quality, washes very well and looks great tucked.

The wispy staple comes in eleven cute colors. I have them in four colors. They are perfect for layering, lounging and vacationing. The v-neck is not too deep. Though the shirt is a bit loose, it is still flattering every body type. The  price was very reasonable when I bought them from Nordstrom during the anniversary sales. The price is still amazing due to the holidays. They are a great staple to have in your closet. You can never go wrong purchasing multiples because you will get a good use out of them.

Did you know Madewell belongs to J.Crew?


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