Last year, a dear friend of mine invited me to a financial program she planned to lunch her financial literacy company. On the schedule for the day was a makeup session led by a makeup artist by the name of Irene Dele Adejumo, the owner of Omolewa Makeup. She did a fantastic job captivating us with her makeup application demonstration, informing us on different makeup products and giving us helpful tips that I still maintain till date. When the program was over, the guests walked over to the invited vendors station to scoop out what they could buy. Majority of us gathered around Omolewa Makeup station. Usually I stick to the brands that I know but for some reason I was in awe of Omolewa’s presentation and personality that I decided to try one or two of her products. So I bought the HD Foundation Primer and the Wonder Brow Pencil.

The soft and creamy angled tip eyebrow pencil applied nicely but it finished in less than a month. I was a bit disappointed but then I noticed the Bobbi Brown version I bought afterwards was also gone within the same time frame. I do not have time going to the store every month for a brow pencil so I decided to stick to what I know would last longer. But nice brow pencil though if you would like to try it and support a sister.

Back to the primer matter. I have to shout it out loud that this primer is amaziiiing! Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about trying the brand. Well, maybe a lot more skeptical than I am leading you all to believe. LOL! I’m sorry I just do not want anything to happen to my skin at this age. I do not want to spend my time battling and stressing myself out over blemishes I could have prevented. But since I love supporting my own people I just could not resist trying Omolewa’s products so I thought the safest to try would be the primer and the brow pencil. I thought if the primer is not of a good quality I would know as I apply my foundation. Maybe not true but I was hoping for that to be the problem rather than something else.

While applying the primer, I was amazed at the way it glides smoothly on the skin. I really was expecting it to ball up as I rub a pea size of the primer on my face. I usually feel like this with every new facial products because of my phobia for breakouts. I also noticed it actually provides the perfect facial canvas for my foundation like the brand promises. After applying my Lancome stick foundation, my face looks smooth and the foundation looks evenly distributed. Check out my skin below.

Omolewa’s HD Foundation Primer sure is long-lasting. The primer also contains a rich blends of antioxidants and vitamins that helps nourish the skin. The packaging is awesome too. I have had my Omolewa primer for almost two years now. If you are not into dolling up everyday, it might last you that long too. I just placed my second order yesterday. It is now my favorite primer.

This is a fantastic option if you are looking and willing to try something new.

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