I love beanie hats especially the embellished and chunky knit ones but it took me a while to warm up to the versions with pompom. Not sure where the love for pom poms is springing from at the moment. I guess I am getting all caught up in the colorful and playful way at which it is being used on everything from purse to sneakers to coats to sweaters. I have always associated a pom pom clothing item to something that is child like. Since I am one to embrace a thing way after its inception, it is no-brainer that I am just getting on the pompom beanie wagon. Some designers are really getting creative with winter hats. Check out the crystal embellished tulle beanie by Federica Moretti. Is that not pushing the boundary? What about the beanie version with veil and bow by Silver Spoon Attire? Who says your winter hat has to be boring?

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Sade Lewis