With a new year comes new resolution. So we all thought at one point. This year, I have noticed that a lot of people I know have decided to break away from creating a resolution list. I wonder why that is. Could it be that some of them have realized their purpose and have nothing new to work on? Or have some just simply given up because every year a list is made, they have not been able to check anything of the list by the end of the year. Or maybe some would rather go with the flow and are just hopeful that 2018 will come with a good ‘fall on your lap’ opportunities.

For me, I was one of those that make a list every year and never checked anything off the list. As a matter of fact, two weeks after making the list it gets lost in my pile of papers and never to be seen again. But I am grateful for the opportunities I have had the past year. For one, I was able to put more effort into creating a blog with content and flair. Although the blog is not where I really need it to be but I plan on working a lot more harder in 2018 to get it there. Also, my family and I started a business selling African food spices. The response we got from our retailers was beyond our expectation and we are grateful for that. As you can see, I am one of those that will not be making the usual physical resolution list because I am already mentally wired to strive for excellence in what I am already set to do – the blog and the family business.

I know more door of opportunities are going to be opened for me by His grace and I am ready to explore them all.

First, I thank God for granting us all the blessing of seeing another GREAT year. Also, I thank you all for making this blogging experience a successful one by reading, liking, sharing and giving me feedbacks on all my posts.

Happy New Year to you all my comrades!

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