These gorgeous ankle wrap heels were originally $120 but they are currently been offered at $36, a 70% off deduction, at Net-a-Porter. Normally, when majority of the sizes of an item being offered at a ridiculous price is available, I question the product and wonder why that is. I own a few Sam Edelman shoes. If you are also familiar with the brand, you can testify to the fact that it makes gorgeous feet candies at a not so expensive price tags. For me, Sam Edelman shoes fit perfectly and are very comfortable to walk in.

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These Sam Edelman Odele Sandals are available in majority of the sizes in the colors shown – rich burgundy and gingham. Since the shoes have no customer reviews on Net-a-Porter’s website, I took to the internet to see if other stores have some form of reviews from their own customers. I know I have seen them at Nordstrom before so I trusted Nordstrom to sort of have the product’s review on its website. Funny enough, according to Nordstrom’s customers, the shoes are comfortable and guaranteed to get you a compliment or two in a day. One customer specifically stated that she got the Odele sandal in velvet and they are beautifully-dreamy and mystical shoes in terms of shape, details, and material!

For that price, you should buy a pair and keep them for Summer when it finally finds its way to us after these drenching, freezing wintry experiences.

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