Found this product Saturday morning while visiting Walmart to buy JUST milk. Then I remembered I needed to buy a hand lotion to keep in my kitchen so I paid the beauty and skin care aisle a visit. These tiny facial scrubbers which came in cute neon colors caught my eyes and got me curious. Facial pads? I removed the packet from where it was hung to read the information provided at the bottom.

Lil’ Scrubbies Facial Cleaning Pads, 2 count

The Lil’ Scrubbies 2-Count Facial Cleaning Pads by Schroeder and Tremayne are supposed to gently massage and deeply clean your pores to deliver. It promises to deliver a radiant skin. It is less than $5 so I thought why not try it. I do not have that desirable Clarisonic cleansing brush which costs about $150 and is advertised as a gentle one-speed cleansing system that removes dirt, oil, and makeup up to six times better than hands alone but I do have the following

  1. That Khiel’s “Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil” which does a fantastic job at removing my makeup
  2. That award-winning Lancôme “Bi-Facial Double-Action Eye Makeup remover” which gently whisks away my eyeliner and mascara
  3. That Noxema “Makeup Remover Cleansing Towellets” which I sometimes use with or without Khiel’s cleansing oil for additional cleaning depending on my mood just to remove oil before bedtime if not wearing makeup

The only item that seems to be missing is something that could massage my skin and become part of my daily routine without costing an arm and a leg. Like this Lil’ Scrubbies 2-Count Facial Cleaning Pads.While taking a shower that morning, I used the pad to massage my face after applying Neutrogena “Oil-Free Acne Face” in Pink Grapefruit. The I rinsed the foaming scrub off. My face felt smooth and soft. I used it again at night with Cetaphil “Gentle Skin Cleanser” which I use on no-makeup days. The tiny silicone bristles dos not irritate the skin at all.

Although it had only been two days but I really like the product because I do feel and see the immediate effect which is why I could not wait to share this find with you.


  1. Gentle and soothing against the skin
  2. Deep cleans the pores, massages, exfoliates and softens your skin for a beautiful, bright and radiant glow
  3. Flexible enough for hard to reach spots
  4. Compact enough for travel
  5. Have suction stand for easy storage (you can stick them to your bathroom walls) and to hold while scrubbing
  6. Cheapest compared to similar items
  7. Does a better job at cleaning compared to hands


  1. Suction stand seems to not stick after sometimes (but then you can find other means of storage)
  2. Might not hold well between fingers (this depends on the size of the fingers but it holds well between my tiny fingers
  3. Although perfect for my oily skin, it might be a little harsh on a very sensitive skin

This Lil’ Scrubbies 2-Count Facial Cleaning Pads are worth every penny spent. I cannot believe I just found them.

Thanks for visiting!

Sade Lewis