Banana Republic Sweater; J.Crew Skirt

Two decades ago, I almost joined the military. I had met some guy at a mall in Maryland that did not have to work hard at convincing me to join the navy sector because I have had my mind on becoming a Navy Seal anyway.  Why the Navy Seal you might ask. Well, let’s just say too many movies and the cute white uniform. I took the written test, passed beautifully and got recommended for the nuclear program. It was at the last stage of the recruitment process that I got cut off. How? Well, six months before applying, I had a surgery to fix a punctured lung caused by a stab wound that was inflicted upon me by a roommate from you know where. Story for another day. All thanks to that surgery because looking back now, I am not sure I would have enjoyed been restricted to wearing a boring uniform for majority of my hours while at work. I was told to try again in another six months since my surgery would have been a year old but I lost interest after the rejection. My enthusiasm was simply crushed!

One of the color/fashion trend for this season is military.  Since I did not get a chance to be a Navy girl and wear the right uniform, at least I could wear inspired looks in many forms. I love the way designers have applied borrowed utilitarian concepts from military uniform in their designs. From the military green color to the button-front silhouette, the masculinity of a military-inspired clothing is fascinating to me.

I bought this skirt in September last year to take with me on my trip to Nigeria. I did not get to wear it due to the hot weather because of the thickness of the fabric even though my plan was to pair it with a white tank top.

Do you have anything military-inspired in your closet? If not, you too can join the trend train and get one of the options below to add to your wardrobe. There is always a room for something new in every closet.

Trench Skirts

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