Today is Friday but it sure feels like Saturday is still a few more days away from tomorrow. Although this weekend is only a few more hours away, my wish is for the weekend to begin right now. That is how tired and overworked I feel at the moment. I am so burned out! Only a John Legend ‘Evolver’ album could save me right now. I have had a crazy, busy, long and stressful week completing tasks that were unexpectedly dumped on me without a warning at my workplace that I have had zero time to blog anything. Not even a simple ‘The Weekly Hunt’ post this month. No one even care to ask if I am interested in working on a new project anymore. Hello! At least someone should give me a heads up if they are going to ask me to do someone else’s job. The rumor around my workplace is that I am super woman who is able to tackle any obstacle thrown her way. Good but could be bad depending on the scenario. But who do I blame for that? Myself, of course.

Let me ask you a question, “Do you think it is a bad idea to ask coworkers who seems overwhelmed with work if they needed help? What about handling things on their behalf all in the name of teamwork?” Let’s just say working hard and going above and beyond does not seem fun for me any longer. I am beginning to feel used. But then I cannot help myself but to do what I do best which is to work hard but smart and go above and beyond. Should this be…when necessary? This is just an habit that is beyond my control. It is like second nature to me.

Sighed! The funniest thing is despite my complaint and whines, I sure do know how to deliver on time. Always right on schedule. Okay, I am feeling myself now. LOL!

But menh…all thanks but no thanks to that special somebody that sold a believably story to the higher powers that he has other plans for himself and feels like I could take on his workload he will like to shed off. Can you imagine that? The brudah now had the nerves to come to me later saying, “Maybe I should have discussed this with you first.” Nonsense guy! I would have loved the discussion and would have probably said ‘yes’ anyway since I have plans of my own. No one likes to be side tracked. Nonsense! Then the brudah made it seems as if he was looking out for me. Get outta here my friend!

Well it is all good. My mother did not raise a fool. I am about to turn this negative into a positive with God on my side and my Johnny Leng for the night.

How does an overwhelmed girl like me detox from a very crazy, busy, long and stressful week? By hunting for beautiful things that are desirable and worthy of scoring for the month.

Behold my 7 cute finds for the month of February. Waoh! Those Tamara Mellon boots are a must have while it is still cold outside. Do have a lovely weekend guys!!!


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