Who does not love a YSL or Gucci purse? The reality of the fact is that not everyone could afford them no matter how cute and desirable they are. You do not need a designer piece to validate you and neither do you need it to look cool or stylish. Imitation of designer purses are everywhere these days and super affordable too.

Take for instance the Chloé ‘Pixie’ small bracelet handle round crossbody bag and the PU version here and here sold at Emmacloth and Shein, you will notice that the only difference is in the price tag and material. Both bags have the same design, measurements are the same and will most definitely fulfill the same purpose. Both will surely hold the same number of items. Trust your lip gloss, wallet and phone to fit in it. Please raise your hands if you do not get tired of using your designer bag or bags after a year or so and then turn around to shop for a replacement? We all get tired after a while expensive or not and want the next best thing or simply just want a new one.

If you are looking for a cool and stylish affordable bag to carry across your shoulder without breaking the bank, grab one of the ones featured below. Look at the number #1 bag, that is another knock-off of this $1,500 Chloé here.


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