Still very much on the Ballerina Pink matter. I swear this soft and delicate shade is so charming and very feminine. Almost every fashion influencer I have seen so far seems to be wearing this color now. When I bought the Leith dress worn here last year April, little did I know the color would be a favorite for this Spring/Summer. The dress had sat in my closet unworn for almost a year until it got some blogging attention last week. FYI, I have a bad habit of buying something that I like and keeping it till I am able to figure out what to do with it.

Converses are a part of my wardrobe must-haves. If I can have it my way, I would own a pair in every color especially in the Chuck Taylor All Star styles. The iconic quintessential American sneakers are my #1 to go to when I need to give my feet a break from wearing heels. The Pale “Ballerina” Pink I am wearing is the best looking pair I have ever owned. It has the perfect color and it is the perfect choice if you love looking girl. In a earlier post, I mentioned that the pastel shade looks great against hunter green. In this post, notice how nicely it looks paired with the burgundy fishnet. For a look that is more on the prettier side, I could easily swap my sweater and jeans for a black dress.

Outfit’s Detail

Converse Sneakers (on sale @ Zappos)
J.Crew Sweater
AG Jeans (optons:Gap, Pretty Little Things and Hollister)
Nordstrom Fishnet (options: Forever 21 and Asos)

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Sade Lewis