I am so loving the month of March. It is not freezing outside and the weather so far for the past 12 days had brought to me the perfect winter conditions that I desire especially for fashion purposes. I could go outside without fully covering my legs which means I could step out of the house in my flat shoes and a short skirt without worrying about my legs turning into frozen popsicles.

Although 12 days late, these are my lists for this month. A golden yellow tee for a t-shirt lover, comfy jumpsuit for laid back days, a sexy pair of gladiator heels to wrap around my legs (I need a cute skirt), and a cute jewelry box to replace those perfume boxes I have been using. For a monochromatic napkin display, I want the green napkin rings for my embroidered teal napkins. What girl does not need a gold jewelry! I love hoops and one with characteristics too.

T-Shirt || Napkin Ring || Jewelry Box || Jumpsuit || Heels || Earrings || Belt (Black, on sale)

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Sade Lewis