It was really nice to walk quite a distance from the parking lot to my office building without freezing myself off today. How was I able to do that? Well, this cozy chunky wide-cut sweater made it possible, although the large wool scarf added an extra layer of warmth around the neck area. If you are ready to hang up your winter coat or just happen to have days you would rather not walk around wearing layers of clothing (like me), I will suggest you add some cozy sweaters with tight-knit woven fabrics that will keep the chilly breeze off your skin. The keyword is ‘tight-knit’. This H&M version does an amazing job with keeping me warm throughout the day. My winter coat never left my car till I returned home. I love that it is room as well.

Outfit’s Detail

H&M Sweater  (available in gray and light purple)
Banana Republic Skirt – old
Aldo Scarf – old

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Sade Lewis