If your travel plans for this summer includes visiting the beach to surf, play in the water, or do what I do which is to sit underneath an umbrella with zero interest in getting in the water (some of us do find this fun you know), then I will suggest for you to begin searching for the perfect beachwear for you starting now.

I normally do not start shopping till the day before and I have repeated to myself year after year that I would break out of this habit if I stand any chance of finding a fabulous bathing suit or cover up. I was lucky last year to find the Elan Cover-up Maxi Dress I am wearing. Not only is it cute and perfect for a sunny day, it was long enough to cover the majority of my body and breathable enough to allow the right amount of air in to keep me cool. The cover-up totally protected from the hot sun. I was lucky to have been able to find a nice one at the last minute or else I would have had to settle for just about anything which is most likely to be something of the least interest.

I am on a mission to find something that suits my style for my vacation wardrobe. I have found some beach wears that I will like to share if you are also looking for something cute that will make you standout on the beach. An high waist bikini is my preference.

  1. Modcloth (Top & Bottom) || 2. Diane von Furstenberg (Top & Bottom) || 3. Beth Richards (Top & Bottom) || 4. Marysia Swim (Top & Bottom) || 5. Marysia Swim (Top & Bottom) || 6. Rye Balmy (Top & Bottom) || 7. Jonathan Simkhai (Top & Bottom) || 8. Dolce Vita (Top & Bottom)

        1. Casa Nata || 2. Tommy Bahama || 3. Tommy Bahama || 4. Mott 50 || 5. Oasis || 6. H&M || 7. Diane von Furstenberg || 8. H&M

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