While having lunch with some friends last year, one of the discussions that came up was about wearing ripped denim jeans. Some of us confessed our love for the style while some were not biased in expressing their disinterest for it.  One of them simply referred to the denim trend as a rag. I thought that was a little too strong of a word to describe it but I also understood where she was coming from when she began to describe the ones that looks like an animal attacked the wearer. You know, the ones that have rips or shreds in the wrong places such as all the way up to the crotch or in too many places that might allow people to conclude that the best option for that denim is to have its legs removed because it will look better as a short.

Distressed or ripped, I love the pretense of my newly bought denim having simulated marks of age and wear that makes it look like I have had and worn it for years. It does not matter to me that my skinny or boyfriend denim is processed to appear worn out from long, steady use.

Although I find the rugged features of a jeans appealing, I can still say there is a thin line between a distressed and destroyed jeans which some of my friends or maybe yours would referred to as a rag. Some of the high-end designer denims I have seen are plainly destroyed and do look like rags. Take for instance the expensive Balmain, SJVP and Unravel Project denim jeans below that costs $850, $320 and $571 respectively.

These are unpleasantly destroyed and for those price tags, heck no.  Rips or shreds around the ankle is about as far as I can go. Anything beyond that is a no no for me. Then again, another man’s food is another man’s poison. If completely destroyed is your cup of tea, be rest assured there will not be a judgement look from this corner except if I am exposed to seeing things that could cause a girl to go blind.

I believe everything should be in moderation. The ones below are so modishly chic and perfect for a classy lady. These are the versions I will go for any time, any day.

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