Top: Tommy Bahama; Skirt: H&M; Shoes Pour la Victoire

All thanks to Christian Dior, you can look good wearing the most essential piece-a bathing suit-on the streets. Yes, your swim-wears does not have to be limited to beach and poolside visits only.  Last year, while searching for a cover-up, I decided on this Tommy Bahama boyfriend shirt because I knew it could serve two purposes in my wardrobe: as a cover-up to the beach and a regular top to be paired with just about anything. I could honestly say it has served me well.

I am loving the millennial appeal of Dior which paired bathing suits with flirty dresses and skirts. Although the transparent looks are cute and always a wish look, I would wear them on the streets only when pigs fly. LOL!

Be kind to your bathing suits and cover-ups and giving them more wear opportunities by pairing them with a cute skirts, leggings or jeans.

Here are three ways you could take your beach wear to the streets

  1. One-Piece Swimsuit: If the word modish and moderate without a dare is your cup of coffee just like mine is, pair your one-piece swimsuit with a full skirt. A full skirt will hide the lines of the bathing suit around the buttocks. If transparent is not your cup of tea, you can still draw inspiration from Dior by choosing a tulle skirt instead but think pastel colors. If you do not mind the aged-down sheer look, be my guest. I have seen it on ladies that are no longer in their 20s and they look fabulous in it.
  2. Two-Piece Swimsuit: The good news about the two-piece version is that you have the options to showcase the bikini top under a sheer shirt, go with just the bikini bottom under a skirt or wear the two-piece under a sheer dress. If you choose to go with the top under a shirt, think patterned bikini top for an approach that is more fun or a pastel solid bikini top for a look that is more polished like Look #1. I love the bikini bottom under a skirt. To play it safe and stay within my comfort zone, I would copy the second look below and opt for a blazer that is long enough to cover the butt cheeks. Another safe measure is to add a belt to cinch the waist and keep the blazer wrapped around the thigh. If you like risky, the Look #2 is awesome without a belt. Look #3 looks pretty sweet.
  3. Cover-Ups:  My favorite. Like I mentioned earlier, think about buying cover-ups you could wear off the beach as well. Go for shirts with patterns and colors you do not have in your closet. For instance, a check or pinstripe shirts. Your shirt cover-up could pull off Look #1. Or you could pair your light and loose top with a dress skirt like I did in Look #2. Tucked it, no one would know it is made for the sand. For a cover-up maxi dress, pick ones you can wear on top of a skinny jeans or a leggings. A wrap version in an animal print would be perfect.

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Sade Lewis