Some people are obsessed with carrying famous brand name bags while some have eyes for them but are mainly focused on carrying a bag that is cute, well-made but most importantly draws attention with its impeccable and 21st century design. If you are one of the ladies that falls in the latter category, I have put together a few handbag designers I love and are worth checking out. It does not always have to be about Gucci, Prada and the famous YSL that everyone and their mama wants to carry ūüôā Even the IT girls in Fashion were¬†spotted carrying these cuties.

These are brilliant and stylish designers you should consider for your wardrobe. Not all options are too expensive if you do not mind shedding a few of hundreds.

Manu Atelier

Being a luxury leather goods, Manu Atelier aims to preserve its loyalty to the old while presenting its bags to modern women of the new age by combining premium leather with pure handcraftsmanship.  Some Manu designs are currently on sale at

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Manu Atelier Bag 1 || Manu Atelier Bag 2 || Manu Atelier Bag 3

Danse Lente

A women’s accessories label that specializes in handbags and small leather goods. The playful and curious element to each design makes it appealing to a wide range of audiences.¬† It focuses on high quality leather goods inspired by contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture. The brand is based in London.

Danse Lente Bag 1 || Danse Lente Bag 2 || Danse Lente Bag 3

Cult Gaia

Cult Gaia designs beautiful heirloom items that will live in your closet forever. The cornerstone of the brand’s DNA has been forged with the ideal of creating Objets d’Art that make you look twice.

Cult Gaia Bag 1 || Cult Gaia Bag 2 || Cult Gaia Bag 3


A contemporary accessories line born of the eternally cosmopolitan vibe of New York City for girls who are going places. Botkier is a line that is luxe glamour with city attitude. If you are a girl that a style and function in a range of pieces for all occasions and stages of life, be a Botkier girl.

Botkier Bag 1 || Botkier Bag 2 || Botkier Bag 3

B o y y 

B O Y Y philosophy has always been that a women’s accessory should have a masculine feel, balancing out a woman’s femininity, sort of a yin-yang thing. With base inspiration drawn from the past greats of all genre and with a vision infused with a certain fantasy and sophistication, B O Y Y design process unravels into timeless silhouettes of unparalleled design that bear high quality details, creating a fascinating juxtaposition with a strong sensibility. The brand has paved a path of its own, formulating a fresh and forward-looking interpretation of luxury.

Boyy Bag 1 || Boyy Bag 2 || Boyy Bag 3


Founded on commitment to producing accessible, yet innovative pieces for contemporary, no nonsense, high style women. Staud’s creations are modern classics and refined pieces that reflect both an eye toward the future and a nostalgia for old school elegance. The brand is here to push the boundaries of the bland and produce designs that are stunning but simple, unique but uncomplicated.

Staud 1 || Staud 2 || Staud 3

Yuzefi Limited

Inspired by forms and craftsmanship know-how borrowed from the world of interiors and artefacts, Yuzefi’s unique aesthetic is a mélange of leather craft techniques previously overlooked in handbag design. The brand’s diminutive yet versatile range of bags with instantly recognizable styles have been a cult success with press and influencers worldwide.

Yuzefi Limited Bag 1 || Yuzefi Limited 2 || Yuzefi Limited 3

Sara Battaglia

Sara Battaglia 1 || Sara Battaglia 2 || Sara Battaglia 3

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