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We are all familiar with the rule that a necklace cannot be worn with a tie neck blouse. Maybe not all but I am very sure a good number of us do find placing a necklace on top of or under a pussybow blouse or dress somewhat awkward. Well, I believe I just found a way to fashionably break that rule without looking tacky but I stand to be corrected. How?  You might ask.

What had happened was … lol

After dressing up for work yesterday, I opened my jewelry armoire to grab a pair of earrings. My eyes caught this embellished strand necklace that had only been worn maybe three times since I bought it three years ago. I looked at it and then at my outfit and wondered if there was a room for a necklace though I have on a blouse with a neck tie that forms into a huge and exaggerated bow.

Within seconds, a light bulb went off in my head as I focused on the pavé (the part where the stones are set) section of the necklace. Instead of making a pretty bow (the blouse does tie into a very cute bow), I decided to make an embellished neck tie. The result turned out PERFECT. It was perfect because it was a one-time attempt and it worked.

How did I achieve this look?

1. Used a one strand necklace. The goal is to add a touch of something not to overwhelm the blouse. For a classic sophistication, go for strands that are beautifully constructed with a combination of beads, pearl and gemstone or gold with large pendant.
2. Wore the necklace under the collar of the blouse. This hides a good portion of the necklace, thereby creating an illusion that the necklace is part of the blouse.
3. Tied a knot using the neck tie only
4. Tucked the left side of the neck tie under the left side of the necklace twice. Repeated the same step with the right side.
5. Tied a second knot but made sure the pavé portion is visible

Thanks for visiting!

Sade Lewis