Alice McCall Resort 2018

I have had my eyes on this Alice McCall dress since the first day I saw it at Netaporter. Yesterday, while looking through the dresses options offered by Shein for a client, I came across the same style but offered at a steal.

I am actually impressed with Shein’s copycat ability. They are very good at recreating beautiful designer styles and making them affordable to wear by folks that are not willing to pay a fortune to look good yet, do care very much about wearing cute styles.

I had to seek Google’s help to find out if the Alice McCall dress was ever on the runway. Runway display of clothes are far better and more appealing. Woah! The runway styling of the dress made me fall in love with it more because it clearly shows the beauty of the dress. The pretty white daisies adds a touch of innocence and cheerfulness to the sheer dress. I never knew it was a resort piece. Now I know I could use it as a beautiful cover-up when I finally go on that Bali trip to visit The Santai.

They are both made of 100% polyester. Shein version is made of mesh and the Alice McCall version is tulle and hand embroidered too. I am a bit confused about the difference between mesh and tulle. Based on my research, there is a polyester mesh and tulle which is supposed to be fine mesh but then both are 100% polyester. I guess the only way to find out is to compare both. I will have an answer for you once I am able to do so.

Alice McCall


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