From an astronomical point of view, summer starts next week. Glad the weather is staying warmer now and giving me a chance to hang up my sweaters and break out my summer pieces. This spaghetti strap dress by Chelsea 28 will be one of my summer essentials. It will get worn a lot. Walking around with the family will be happening a lot more and sneakers will be going with me on these walks. This cute sneakers will get a lot of wear as well. When I love an item, I wear the heck out of it especially if it pairs well with just about any outfit.

Quotes when asked how fashion Cindy Crawford and Liya Kebede are you?

“I’m somewhere in between. I love fashion, but in my daily life, jeans and a T-shirt are my staples.” ~ Cindy Crawford, Model

“Less fashion than you think. Once I find something that I like to wear, I do not put it down until I have worn the life out of it.” ~ Liya Kebede, Model

Outfit’s Detail

Chelsea 28 Dress
Micheal Kors Sneakers (on sale)

Happy Friday and thanks for visiting!

Sade Lewis