Still on the floral matter but this time in an embellished midi bodycon featured in a sugary color. My affection for pastel colors started last year. As an ardent black and navy lover, I have gradually fallen in love with pastel hues from sorbet yellow, soft lilac, pastel pink to baby blue because of their romantic and soothing power.  I just love the color of this dress but what initially caught my eyes were the glossy embellished flowers. From a distance, I thought it was a polka dot dress but trust my bad eyesight to deceive me. When I got closer to check it out, it looked even prettier than I thought because they were flowers not dots. Also offered in a Navy color which I bypassed for this sweet pastel version. I love that that the dress could be accessorized with other pastel colors (like the beau blue shoes worn here) and styled with sneakers for a look that is more casual. If you are really feeling the floral trend, you can add a white floral earring like this one

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