Happy 4th of July! Not really happy it falls on a Wednesday since it is my only day to work from home but I am not going to complain much. A lot of people will be out of the office on Thursday and Friday still spending time with family. The fewer the better if you catch my drift.

We usually do not do much on independence day but Jonathan decided we should have a BBQ. Something more on an intimate level though. I am here cooking Jollof Rice and Crystal is giving me the side eye wondering why Nigerian food at all. Making some Gizdodo too. She will be alright and will eventually thank me later!

It is a blue, white and red day. What best way to celebrate and represent my country than to throw on this beautiful Bunmi dress by Adetutu Adanma Fashion Statements. I am really enjoying stepping out of my comfort zone which is the usual fitted Ankara (wax print) midi dress. A nicely tailored and breathable piece that is just perfect for today’s weather. 

Outfit’s Detail

Adetutu Adanma Dress
BCBG Shoes (old)

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Sade Lewis