Don’t lean in, change the system…

I am so glad Amazon recommended this book. A Good Time to be a Girl by Helena Morrissey. I have always find women in leadership position fascinating. Not all of them though. The ones that plays in the political arena could easily disappoint but the ones that have found their ways up the corporate ladder are the ones that have bewitched me. Those are the ones that I have found their achievements fascinating. The ones that falls in the same class as Helena Morrissey. A British financier and campaigner.

It is always good to hear what women like Helena have to say. To read about how they got to where they are, how they are able to maintain leadership roles in their male dominated career, and mostly importantly, how they THINK. I am talking about women that are successful and very much involved in changing the status quo by making moves to change the discrimination against women in terms of leadership. Not the ones that are making noise about feminism without fully understanding what that word stands for. Twitter babies, I call them. Women like Helena shatter the boardroom door. That patriarchal door that leads to a room filled with just men.

Through smarter thinking, she has strategically achieved this agenda through The 30% Club she created. What is The 30% Club? It is a campaign to get more women on boards. See, she is not greedy at all. She is not looking for women to completely fill the boards but ensuring that there are at least 30% women at all levels of seniority. The belief is that one or two women on a board is not enough to shift a culture but three women can.

What impressed me the most about Helena is her angle of focus which is to reinvent the game but not at the expense of men. Now this is my kind of girl.

This is what girl power is all about.

This book is definitely a must read. Still on chapter 3 and I am so in love with this book already.

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