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There was a young man that was told by his teacher in his earlier years in school that he was too dull and too slow to pass any class, therefore the chances of him succeeding in life is very slim and next to none. He was later diagnosed with ADHD and was placed on medications. His father vehemently refused the diagnosis and told them his son was destined for greatness. This young man ended up writing 52 books on leadership and majority of his books are on the New York Times bestseller lists.

The lesson in this little life story is that every man is born with the potential for greatness. We cannot allow people’s assertions or opinions determine how far we go in life. The tragedy of life is not necessarily death, the tragedy of life is living without the ability to discover the potential for greatness that you carry. Every orange is pregnant with seeds and in each seed is the potential for an orange tree. The seed will prosper and bring forth when it is planted in the right soil and right atmosphere. The seed can also die and never reach its potential if the seed is never planted. Every human being is pregnant with the potential for great impact. The future is not ahead, it is trapped on the inside of you and you must take up the responsibility of discovering what it is. No man is a biological mistake, every man is sent to this world to impact the world. When you discover what you are carrying, that is when fulfillment and prosperity starts.

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Sade Lewis