Top: Wayf || Trouser: Banana Republic || Shoes: Halogen || Brooches: Banana Republic

There is a saying which goes…

“FASHION is what you buy. STYLE is what you do with it.”

Harry Winston said,

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

It is now very easy to believe the saying that, there is nothing new in fashion because everything keeps going in circle thereby getting repeated. I remember coming across an article published by in 2013 (and many other websites too) pointing out the issue with originality. It further visually nailing its point with an image of a structurally beautiful Céline coat (here) that was an exact copy of a 2004 Geoffery Beene coat (here). Like previous runway displays, Fall 2019 is no exception to this repetitive nature of fashion. I guess designers such as Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Fendi and Marc Jacobs decided to fall in love with the 80’s shoulder pads all over again. I mean, what would explain the reason for the eighties shoulder pads walking down the runway. Those are ugly! Why are we not done with the cold shoulders already? I remember that my first cutout sweater was by Victoria Secret which I bought over 10 years ago. I still love cold shoulders and I plan on buying one or two sweaters for this coming fall season.

With all the noise about true originality being a rare thing in fashion, one thing you can do is to turn down the noise and find opportunities to make a look your own. What is new about pairing stripes with floral? Absolutely none! I did blog about this styling option in 9 Ways to Wear pinstripes (here).

Last week, I was looking for something to wear to work and I decided on this pinstripe top and floral trouser. Like I said, nothing absolutely new. Looked in the mirror and noticed the look without a belt was perfect.  Brooches are my thing. I want to place them anywhere other than my shoulders or in front of my blouse or dress as expected. I love them on the waistline of my clothes the most. So I decided to make my outfit a little bit characterful by adding my lovely bug brooches on the waistband of my trouser.

People did stare and I got one person to say out loud while laughing’ “Are those bugs?” Mission accomplished!

In other words, try not to just throw on clothes all the time but think about styling yourself with a little attitude. All I am saying is don’t forget to add a pinch of yourself once in a while.

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Sade Lewis