If I was rich girl. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na…

Masks are masquerade ballesque. Concealing your identity at these balls is usually the order of the day. Since I am not into the game of guessing who anyone is at a ball and will very much not be a willing participant, I will definitely be wearing this Gucci cat eye face mask. Nah menh! I don’t need anyone guessing who I am and I sure don’t need to hide; I need you to see it is me so I will be wearing this cute mesh mask.

Ever since I saw this Gucci mask on Zoë Kravitz in this year’s May edition of Instyle Magazine, I wondered where it was when I needed one for a friend’s birthday party two or three years ago. I ended up attending maskless because I could not find one to express my personality. Something minimal yet sexy but most especially non-dramatic. This haute couture mask would have paired perfectly well with the Ted Baker red dress I wore that night.

Zoë Kravit’s customey look in this editorial shot is simply magical. The complementary waterline of her eyes is simply dreamy. This look is everything gorgeous and romantic.

I love a blue waterline so I guess I will be rocking Zoë Kravitz’s eyes to a friend’s wedding this weekend. Of course without the mask.

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Sade Lewis