Topshop Dress || Forever 21 Jacket || Tamara Mellon Shoes

The No. 1 rule of fashion is
always wear what you want to wear

Did I just chuckle at myself because it seems as if I can never get enough of polka dots since Spring. This one is different though; it is mixed spotted.

This Topshop mixed spotted pinafore midi dress is a cult item. So popular that the brand had to make it in other cute prints (here).  At first I was a bit concerned about the deep cut of the neckline, but why let that stop me from owning this charming dress. Rather than wear a tube top inside a dress with such a cut, I stay completely away from them. I embrace modesty and have no business showing goodies meant to stay inside clothes so I guess it is true that there is always a first time for everything, I guess tube top route it is for styling sake. Moreover, I was not about to walk away from this dress which I also had altered to prevent it from sliding off the shoulders.

Honestly, I feel that this dress could be somewhat unflattering if worn with nothing underneath because of the exposed sides. But it will look lovely in winter worn over a turtleneck sweater and tall boots.

If you are part of some of us that bought the dress and you are looking for a way to style it, here are five inspirational styling methods to consider. Don’t forget you can also pair with sneakers for a 6th option; a converse to be precise.

1. Wear with a tube top and denim jacket

2. Layer with a floral high neck top

Erica Davis,

3. Pair with a black purse and black high heels


4. Cinch the waist with a belt

Chloe Lewis, TOWIE

5. Casually styled with a pair of flat and bright fun bag

Ellie, @slipintostyle

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Sade Lewis