J.Crew Shirt || Banana Republic Skirt || Converse Shoes || Maybelline ‘Huntress’ Lipstick

“A wardrobe is incomplete without  plaid.” – Sade Lewis

If you have never owned a plaid shirt before (I find this hard to believe but you never know), this is the period to snatch one from the stores. This fall, plaid is offered in every fashion item you could ever think of. From jackets to shoes to scarves to coats to purses. You might wonder why the mention of plaid as one of the hottest fashion trends for this fall since plaid have always been available every fall anyway. Well, think Clueless, the movie. Are you having a flask back to the bright plaids that got featured in that movie? I particularly remember the loud yellow version won by Cher (Alicia Silverstone’s character) but I fancied the classy black and white worn by Dionne (Stacy’s Dash’s character).

Well, I love dark colors and I will be wearing this ‘Black Watch’ version by J.Crew from last year. When I eventually find the bright plaids interesting, which might be soon, I will be sure to let you know. I have been doing a lot of searching for the perfect plaid fabric and gradually finding out the meaning behind its different patterns. Very interesting stuff!

But in the meantime, it is all about me and this my ‘Black Watch’ tartan shirt for now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sade Lewis