Bringing the report to you from the pages of Instyle Magazine.

It is as if the editor at Instyle Magazine read my mind this morning. The empty bottle of Valentino on my dresser needs a replacement to accompany the Marc Jacobs that is also almost finished. My plan was to revisit the suggestions I provided few months ago (here). Coming across these beauty editors’ pick just established a bigger pool of parfum for me to pick from. I probably would not be able to find all of them between the Nordstrom, Macy’s and Sephora I will be visiting this evening but I hope to find one that will buzz my sense of smell in a way I would enjoy.

Here are the 9 interesting picks by Instyle. I am leaning more towards the Tiffany & Co. choice.

1. The Woodsy Absolut de Parfum by Chloe (here)

2. The Sweet Qui by Juicy Couture (here)

3. The Spicy Ombre Nomade by Louis Vuitton (here)

4. The Sparkling Carat by Cartier (here)

5. The Elegant Bloom by Gucci (here)

6. The Earthy Intense by Tiffany & Co. (here)

7. The Sensual by Carolina Herrara (here)

8. The Fresh Beautiful Belle by Estee Lauder (here)

9. The Floral by Givenchy (here)