Someone dear to me said I should stay away from politics and focus on fashion alone. I wish I could! With my Nigerian people, I am at my wit’s end.

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It is now a case of

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” 

What is going on in Nigeria politics is very distasteful in my opinion. There was a time that everyone clamored for a change from the norm; you know, the old. It was this vision for a change that drove us towards the current president. We were tired of the selfish, gluttonous thieves and saw President Buhari as the savior our nation needed. He was to be the man with the iron fist to knock out all these creeps that feasted on the national cake. Before President Buhari was voted in, we wanted a new beginning. We wanted to completely do away with the old. We had a vision! We cried about how the younger generation should be giving an opportunity to rule. For this to ever happen, the president was believed to be the best candidate to pave the way for us.

We had a vision, so I thought.

A lot of younger candidates came out to contest and they are being completely ignored. This REALLY infuriates me. The excuses I have heard from many of the same younger voters are chronically appalling. What happened to the change we were all crying for? Things have gone so wrong with us politically to the point that we now feel the only pool we have to choose from comprises of just thieves and hypocrites. We are politically retarded to the point that we feel more comfortable with someone who had previously occupied the presidency seat and robbed the nation blindly. How soon we forget? What was the reason for choosing the current president in the first? Was it not to get rid of the thieves that were in power as of that time? The same thieves that never left and are still in power till now? If we are not happy with President Buhari why must going backwards be the only option?

The idea of presenting former Vice-president Atiku as a potential presidential candidate shows lack of vision for Nigeria as a country. This is not what moving forward looks like at all. I now believe that we may never move forward as a nation. Maybe not in many generations to come and this saddens me.

According to Otto Von Bismarck, politics is the art of the possible, the attainable – the art of the next best. I guess this does not apply to us in Nigeria. Which way Nigeria?

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