Delfi Collective Skirt || Hysteria by Happy Socks Socks || D.A.T.E sneakers || Banana Republic Shirt and Pant || Rosehip Lip Balm || Self-Portrait Dress || Nike Sneakers

“In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those of a fine October.” – Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith is right. This October is different for me. I feel a lot happier and find myself smiling through situations knowing that the decisions I have made so far especially into this month are leading me towards my better days that are yet to come.

On a fashion level, I am leaning more towards dressing comfortably because I have recently found myself in a situation that requires a lot of walking from the parking lot to my office building and back. Most of my work days are now going to be in sneakers therefore, I am in need of a few more stylish ones. I am not going to work to workout so I need sneakers that are more on the stylish side to flow with my work wardrobe. The Nike blazer, a revamped iconic basketball shoe is exactly what I need for a business casual look. Its textile material, cranberry color and retro design makes it a perfect choice. On a trendy note, the eye-catching detail and luxe material of the D.A.T.E sneakers makes it a must have. I am going to wear plaid unapologetically this fall so why not add a bow check sneakers to my closet. The Hysteria ankle socks with popping colors against the Nike sneakers and my oxfords will be super chic.

There is something about navy and velvet. What a lush combination! I am taking J.Crew’s advice and doubling down on velvet by adding its fitted button down shirt and high-rise flared pant to my fall look.

I have a party in San Antonio, TX at the end of October and not sure what I will be wearing. I am leaning more towards this House of Nini Chika Fire dress. My other options are the Self-Portrait turquoise tiered sequins dress and Delfi Collective party-ready pleated, tiered ombré skirt in a metallic finish.

Who would resist a $1 price tag lip balm? Surprisingly, Rosehip lip balm moisturize and protect lips just as promised. I bought 10 and distributed them everywhere in my house for easier reach. Left one at work and carry another in my back at all times. One attend parties with me too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sade Lewis