Halogen Camisole || Banana Republic Sweater || Zara Pants

Never be afraid to be a poppy in a field of daffodils. – Michaela DePrince

The red in my Halogen camisole is popping. Really feeling this pretty fall ‘valiant poppy’ color.

As usual, the team at Pantone have their color overview for this Fall and as usual, I am late to the party. Very late! The color trend report was published way back in February. Let’s just politely say that I am pitifully eight months behind. Today, I have decided to take a peek at which ten colors Pantone, my one and only true source for color trends pulled from the designers from New York Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2018. These are all pretty colors. Yes, all the colors look beautiful and absolutely nothing NEW. These are shades we have all seen before and probably owned. Old or not, I personally look forward to seeing them and having the opportunity to narrow down the colors to play with each season. I fancy how Pantone name the colors making them sound like they are newly discovered shades. The known army green is referred to as Martini Olive! Yep, like the olive in a martini. Sounds cute and interesting but curious to know what pairing this shade of green with Crocus Petal will look like. Ummmh! I have this Zara skinny camo pants that had been chilling in my closet for almost a year unworn. I am now considering styling it with this Ffixxed Studio scarf panel sweater (here).

The 10 beautiful colors for this fall.

Pretend they are new and just have fun playing dress up with them.

The 5 classic color palette for 10 fall colors above.

Critical building blocks for your wardrobe.

Images from Pantone


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Sade Lewis