“A perfect fashion marriage is pairing slouchy skinny jeans with high top sneakers.”

How is wearing slouchy jeans with sneakers a common mistake?

This morning, I read an article on Who What Wear by Allyson Payer titled “Did Victoria Beckham Just Make This Common Skinny-Jean Mistake Cool?” I love Victoria, she is my fashion muse so at the mention of her name I automatically got interested in reading the piece wondering what the skinny jean mistake could have been in the first place. I was flabbergasted and a bit annoyed when she mentioned that Victoria made bunched-up skinny jeans cool again.

“I’m sorry, what was uncool about a slouchy skinny jeans in the first place? How does Victoria paring her slouchy skinny jean and black satin pumps make the style cool again.”

Apparently, Allyson had mentioned in a May 14 article she wrote titled “8 Skinny-Jean Mistakes to Give Up Once and for All” that letting skinny jeans bunch at the ankles is a mistake. She suggested that we should choose skinnies that skim the tops of our ankle boots. Yeah, those ‘could be ugly’ and ‘could fit weird’ ankle grazing ones. Sigh. Now that Victoria had debunked her ‘mistake’ claim, instead of fully accepting defeat Allyson went further to state that she is still convinced that there are certain shoe styles that would not benefit from long skinny jeans (e,g., sneakers). This is where I gave her the side eye. I was a bit irritated to the point that I had to step out of my house to snap these pictures to show how cool bunched-up skinnies could look paired with sneakers especially high-top ones.

Unless you have tried the look or seen it on someone else like you did Victoria, I will advice that some of us bloggers should stop giving all these unrealistic advises. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a slouchy jean year round and however you like it. There are so many crazy looking streetstyle outfits out there that Vogue Magazine stamps as cool while people nod there heads in agreement.

“Bunched-up skinnies paired with high-top sneakers are the sexiest and coolest in my book.”