Wearing: PopSugar Metallic Party Dress || Banana Republic Merino Wool Turtleneck || Sam Edelman Booties (old) || Au Rate New York Earrings

This time of the season could be a disappointing time for some people that had set resolutions for 2018 that were never met. I used to be disappointed too years ago. If you had been following my blog since 2017, you would have read in an earlier post where I mentioned that I gave up on the “New Year, New Me” anthem and no longer interested in setting yearly resolutions that are hardly met. Majority of the time, I can’t even find the paper were the resolutions are written or don’t remember I have one till mid-year.

Fast forward to now, the blessing that came my way in December proved that my down moments were all worth it. I can categorically say I had a blessed 2018 because I ended the year with a bang. It was a bit rough but I came out fulfilled. My new year is already set for greater things. I can just feel it.

How do I know that?

God has set before me open doors for 2019 without a 2018 resolution. Doors that I had been waiting for…many years now. All I had to do was set a goal.

I am not trying to discourage you from setting resolutions if that is what you enjoy doing but encouraging you to focus more on setting goals. I had a long term goal set in 2012 and the pathway to that goal becoming a reality opened up in 2018. It was supposed to be a five years goal but it happened a year later. God’s timing! It really is all about setting goals. Just make sure to align yourself in such a way that you are working towards achieving your set goals. It could be a short term or a long term goal depending on what it is that you are trying to attain. The key is to remain focused and to have faith that it will happen by His grace.

“I am just letting you know that you can still set goals without stressing yourself by letting God take care of you. Just have faith for 2019 that greater things are coming your way.”

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!


Dress by PopSugar
Sweater by Banana Republic 
Booties by Sam Edelman (old) 
Earrings by Au Rate New York