Welcome to the month of January!
As always, I have identified the items that I would love to have for this month.
1. A Cupcakes and Cashmere bedside lamp for reading but in a color I adore, clay pink.
2. I have not owned a wrist watch in years and this Raymond Weil is on sale. Let’s hope it will stay at 25% off when I am well and ready to purchase one.
3. A quotation book created and edited by Phaison for daily inspiration. “You Had Better Make Some Noise” is full of quotations by visionaries and change-makers across the globe and through the ages. I am sure I will enjoy reading these and sharing them with you.
4. Chamomile Tea is a nightly must have to calm my nerves. A glowy skin is guaranteed in the morning when used with Olay Calming Facial Mist. Yeah, it works!
5. I am learning how to draw. These Soucolor 72- Colored Pencils is a necessity for days that ideas pop in my head. It will look cute sitting on my bed side table.
6. Who can resist these Maison Margiela Heels? Not I!
7. If I can find an orange skirt I will forget about this MSGM Vinyl Flared Skirt. Until then, I need something to wear with my violet bodysuit that is not black or blue and this skirt is the cutest item in a lovely burgundy color I could find. I have loved vinyl since the 90s.

Quote of the week

“We may not have chosen the time but the time has chosen us.
 – John Lewis