Brandon Maxwell knows how to make a woman look good! And elegant. I have always fancied all his collections and his 45 creations and fun accessories for Spring Summer 2019 are no exception.

Photo: Monica Feudi /

As a matter of fact, watching the full fashion show gave me an idea of how I would love to look this coming spring/summer. Classy & Elegant! I had goosebumps watching the girls walk down the runway in those beautiful colors and rich fabrics. Everything I love got featured. From a long necklace with a simple geometric pendant, red, white and pink colors, maxi skirts and midi dresses, pleats and slits, shorts and knits to a white t-shirt paired with a tailored pant.

I am not a fan of scarves but I love the way it got tied around the neck with the long ends hanging on the back of the models. Not a fan of hats but did you notice the clear hat box? Super cute. I wish I had this on me while walking the hallway of The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas last week. A very long walk from the my room to the hotel entrance. It would have made a statement.

What about the acrylic and brass champagne box bag (below) that is just right enough to hold a bottle of sparkling rosé? Breathtaking, isn’t it! I love Brandon Maxwell. The brand is an embodiment of grace and elegance. I am 100% a Brandon Maxwell Woman.

Mood! Who wants to go to the Hampton’s with me this summer? Oh, boy! Do I miss the Style Channel which used to feature all the runway shows? I used to stay up all night watching them all.