Wearing: Banana Republic Dress and Jacket (old). Calvin Klein Sandals (old)

Rules or no rules, almost everyone would wear white and linen for summer especially if you are non-goth. I can understand why linen is the choice of fabric for summer, it is lightweight and breathable for the hot summer days. Whites on the other hand, I really have no idea. Why do I buy whites, most especially dresses in summer? A question I just asked myself and have no idea why I really do. Giggled. All that white reflects heat narrative is cute and all but does anyone really go to the store to buy white clothing just because the weather is hot? The only explanation I could come up with is that all the brands out there seems to come out with cute white clothing for summer, thereby hypnotizing us -the consumers- into buying them.

Since there is a high chance you are going to wear white this summer, if you do not already have one, think about investing in a cute beige linen jacket to pair with that white dress you have or break an all white outfit for a more soothing summer look. A beige jacket, a taupe camisole and white shorts would be nice for summer – a perfect 4th of July outfit inspiration. 

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