On Saturday, I was listening to a YouTube collection of Johnny Gill’s songs to brighten my weekend which did not involve chores but surfing the internet and some blogging. Then his single ‘Second Place’ began to play. I have never heard this song before. I love the music so much that I thought it would be a nice inspiration for a Nigerian movie, but then a good number of Nigerian storylines are written along that line anyway. Can you imagine dating a guy for him to later write you a letter claiming you are not the one for him because you have always existed in the second place? Okay. Boy, bye!

As I began to pay more attention to the lyrics, I came across this lovely Maticevski dress (here) and thought I better be all decked out in this dress and sitting in a lovely restaurant if some idiot is going to feed me the stupid ‘second place’ line. I need to be able to be in a serious decorous woman element in order to prevent myself from breaking out my Bruce Lee moves on him. I believe this dress will keep me right in that element because I will be too busy feeling cute and completely overwhelmed with confidence for a period of time before I begin to feel the sting of the rejection. I started to form a possible scenario in my head and a look for the rejected woman. I pictured her showing up to dinner at a fancy restaurant in this amazing off-shoulder number with the accessories in the mood board below. She thinks she is coming out to spend quality time with the coconut head who happens to have initiated the outing for his own selfish reasons.

Set inspired by Johnny Gill’s single, Second Place.
Maticevski Dress. Rupert Sanderson Sandals. Chloe Bag. Fallon Earrings. Nroda Sunglasses. Lagos Watch. Lagos Bracelet. Dior Perfume.

Of course, she shows up looking like a James Bond girl. A head turner. The heart breaker’s liver decided to fail him therefore, he is going to be 20 minutes tardy for his own shady party. Meanwhile, as she waits, a nice gentleman looking the part approaches her just to complement her style and this leads to a lovely 20 minutes conversation with a charming stranger. The moment is cut short when liver man shows up.

The waitress sits them by the window. After dinner, while she sips her coffee, he clears his throat to get her attention. Speaks a few words and hands her a note. A tear drops from her eyes as she reads. It begins to rain. She drops the note after reading, takes another sip of the coffee and stares outside smiling as tears drop down her lovely face. Heart breaker reaches for her hand, she gently pulls away. The decorous lady asks the waitress for a cup of coffee to go. Few seconds later, she gets up and whispers with a smile, “Do have a lovely life with the woman in the first place.”

She leaves the restaurant and steps in the rain. All of a sudden, she can no longer feel the rain on her skin but sees the shadow of the umbrella covering her from behind. She turns around and bumps into a figure. She sighs and gently rests her head. The cologne. It smells like 20 minutes before dinner. Unfortunately, the white Tom Ford shirt is about to get a visit from a smudged mascara.