Banana Republic Dress || Aldo Shoes || BaubleBar Earrings

Have you noticed everything good cost too much money these days? All these emerging designers are seriously tripping. They are not affordable at all. A top for $350! The price tags are in the high hundreds spilling into the thousands. Not Prada or Gucci yet charging serious dollars before making a name. For $100, you  might get a t-shirt. LOL! But I still prefer emerging designers to powerhouses since I am not into big names and they are very creative and offer very stylish pieces.  

I have worked hard at disciplining myself to shop mostly on sale now. I used to have this idea that my then size zero self would not find anything if I waited for an item to go on sale. I got tired of buying something and finding the price slashed by a good 40% off later. Who cares if the item is no longer available? There are too many cute things out there that needs to be discovered anyway. All thanks to online shopping, Pinterest and Bloggers, they sure have made shopping easier and dressing up on a budget interesting.

I wanted this Banana Republic dress in a different color but it was already sold out by the time I decided to go for it at the 60% sales price, which brought the price down to about $40. I actually bought it in January and took it with me on my trip to Las Vegas. Wore it to dinner with friends. The pair of embroidered Aldo shoe was on sale for $15 and since I already have it in a plain blue color, I thought why not get it at that amazing price anyway. The strap was too loose but I made it work by using a steak knife to add an extra hole. With a platform and block heel feature, the shoes are bound to be very comfortable no doubt. So it would not be a waste to purchase it. The earrings was about $40 as well.

Bottomline, the whole look I wore to church on Sunday cost less than $100. So I got inspired and decided to put some looks together for less than $100 for my awesome readers who would love to shop and look good without breaking the bank. 

Shop these outfit for less than $100

The Wedding Guest

Wayf Print Dress || Eloquii Dress (Plus) || Lulus Gold Earrings || Nina Silver Earrings || Lulus Heels || Nina Heels
Lulus Dress || Eloquii Dress (plus)|| Lulus Gold Earrings|| Topshop Heels

An All-White Party

ASOS Dress || ASOS Dress (plus) || BaubleBar Earrings || CuteClear Purse || Misguided Heels
Misguided Dress || Eloquii Dress (plus) || ASOS Teardrop earrings || Lulus Hoop Earrings || ASOS Purse || ASOS Heels || Lulus Cuff

Wear to Work

JCrew Dress || Eloquii Dress (plus)|| BaubleBar Earrings || Lulus Hoop Earrings || ASOS Broques || ASOS Heels