Dior’s Hand-Blown Eco-Friendly Straws

Not a fan of the ‘The Five’ team on Fox News, but found their conversation about Dior’s New Eco-friendly Glass Straws today pure annoying and ignorant. Jessie Watters is the only member of that team that I like. Had he been on the show today, he would have known about eco-friendly straws and corrected their ignorance.

Laurence Jones , the guy that sat in for Jessie made a statement along the line of contacting germs from unclean straws because I guess in his mind there wouldn’t be a mechanism provided for cleaning the straws. The comment that rubbed me the wrong way the most came from Juan who said the straws are pretentious. What is pretentious about using a glass straw? Is it because it is a Dior version or is it the idea of pulling out a glass straw while dining out that makes it pretentious? I am sure Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex would not agree with Juan, even though this is a microscopic approach to getting us to go green compare to AOC’s Green New Deal proposal. Eco-friendly straws are not new guys. What is the difference between a set of Dior straws and a Hermès dinnerwear?

Statistics shows that Americans use about 500 million straws a day. For sustainability purposes, glass straws, stainless steel straws and paper straws were made as reusable solutions to disposable plastic straws. I would rather have a glass or stainless steel straw, preferably stainless steel rather than the nasty paper version they give you to sip your drinks with. I always feel like I’m sipping through a toilet roll. Let me just keep quiet about how it begins to lose form and making it difficult to finish your drink sometimes.

I love friends that knows how to give meaningful gifts. Robyn, my eco-friendly chic friend gifted me a stainless steel straw while dining out at a Thai restaurant and the waitress forgot to give me a straw. The moment I laid eyes on it, I thought it is a great and cute innovation and do not care if it makes me look pretentious. At least I am helping to save the planet in my own little way.

Although I love the Dior glass straws idea but I am unsure if I would buy them at that price tag. I would worry about breaking them. Christy Meyers on Facebook said’ “You can easily blow $150 on lots of things. If somebody wants to buy eco-friendly straws, why not?” I couldn’t agree more. Kate Spade offers a reusable acrylic version for just $15 (here). Reusable straws are really cheap on Amazon. Google is your friend. Someone mentioned they are sold for $1 at Antique malls but I’m not sure where to find those.

For the ones that are worried about getting germs from using the straws just Laurence the guest, would you care to know that the straws usually comes with a brush that is long enough to clean them?

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