A case of when music meets style.

After a few dose of a few Nigerian movie flicks featuring Kenneth Okolie, I got tired and decided to end my Saturday evening on a musical note so I opted for Lionel Richie’s ‘The definitive Collection Album’. At the end of the day, I found Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Want You’ and kept it on replay while surfing the internet for cute things. For the first time after so many years of listening to this song, I heard the bass in the background. What! How in the world did I ever miss that? That bass guitar is pure genius! So soothing. I couldn’t calm my nerves so as usual my set building intuitive kicked in and I began to imagine what this woman Mr. Gaye is singing about would be wearing. Of course, it would be a slip dress layered with a soft wool cardigan. A classy minimalist by nature. Conservative yet subtly ostentatious.         

Song on replay – I want you by Marvin Gaye

Where to – Time with that special someone

Outfit Mood – Getting dressed in something silky and sexy yet exudes minimalist elegance.   

Accessory Mood –  Unexpected, romantic, dramatic to complement the simple outfit. 

Scent Mood – Feminine. A bold luminosity that flirts with obscurity

Set inspired by by Marvin Gaye’s single, I want you

Raey Dress. Tibi Cardigan. Jacquemus Bracelet. Retrofete Heels. Erdem Headband. Alan Crocetti Earring. La Perla Panty. Givenchy Perfume. Anastasia Lip Gloss. Marc Jacobs Eyeliner.

Good Night!!!