J.Crew Top – old (Similar: here & here)
Express Pant

Sometimes I am unsure if the pieces of clothing I am pairing go together. When I find myself in this situation, I make every effort to look beyond the usual which would be the pairing of colors or patterns and look deep to find a different inspiration in the pieces. Bottomline, I try to find a reason to make the style I am about to create make sense.

For this lurex turtleneck and tweed pants, I was a bit confused on whether to pair them at all. I thought the top was a bit too shiny and the bottom was just too rough. Too much going on I guess even though the colors are within pairable shades – black, white, and silver. Before I made up my mind to wear this outfit, I had already wasted ten minutes trying to figure out what to wear anyway. I put these Express pants on and went searching for a blouse. Then I found this J.Crew turtleneck that had been sitting in my sweater drawer unworn with tags for over a year. It was when I looked in the mirror that I began to doubt the pairing so I had to find a reason to walk out of the door feeling cute and stylish.

Lurex is a type of fabric that incorporates a glittering metallic thread while tweed is a rough woolen fabric, typically of mixed flecked colors. Glisters or flecks, I saw specks. Specks of white and silver. Then I thought vintage since the top and pant both have a vintage appeal. I added the black blazer to reduce the glistering noise of the top a bit. Without the jacket, the pairing is still a pretty good choice. My safe net is making sure the colors stay within the same shade should in case I get pairing wrong. at least this way I can still hold my head up high. LOL! I actually fell in love with the pairing.